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   So your ice maker’s on the fritz...well you’ve come to the right place.  This page has more information than you need to fix you issue. So if you get lost feel free to call.


   The Whirlpool & Kitchen Aid in-door ice system is very nice design because it frees up a large amount of space in the freezer compartment and makes important job of dumping old ice much more convenient.  Mechanically, this is a Whirlpool modular ice maker with a few extra trim pieces, different fill tube location, and a set of control boards have replaced the bail arm switch. Whirlpool redesigned the optics portion of this system around 2002 so there are two different diagnostic methods depending on which set of boards are installed in your refrigerator, pre or post 2002 ice maker models.

Whirlpool In-Door Ice System

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 Common Issues With Whirlpools Modular Ice Maker

My Icemaker Is Not Making Ice

Ice Will Not Dispense through door

The Ice Bin Is A Solid Brick Of Ice

There Is Debris In My Ice

Frost Build Up Through Ice Dispensor Chute

Icemaker Not Making Ice


  Use the path of least resistance meaning check the easiest and most obvious things first. There is an optics control board with an on off switch located in the freezer wall on the right hand side of the freezer compartmet. An infrared beam from an emitter control located on the left side of the freezer compartment is sent across the top of the ice bin to the reciever control. If this beam is ubstructed either by ice or the on/off slide the icemaker will stop making ice.

Ice maker emitter and receiver control

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